The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

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Our Work

Outlined in this section is a look at the current program activity the VCCC is engaged in and a snapshot of our completed programs and achievements. Information is updated regularly with new programs and progress on current programs noted.

There are four key benefits that the VCCC aims to deliver.

Benefit 1: High-impact research that delivers major breakthroughs in cancer. The VCCC Research Program aims to address this benefit.

Benefit 2: Reduced burden of cancer on patients, the community and the economy. The program areas of Living with Cancer and Prevention & Survival seek to provide this benefit.

Benefit 3: Consistent delivery of optimal evidence-based cancer care. The Clinical Programs of the VCCC are established to help deliver this benefit. 

Benefit 4: A sustainable, high calibre workforce of international standing. The Leaders in Cancer Strategy and the Education and Training Programs will help to provide this benefit into the future.

Research Programs

The VCCC Research Program aims to create a world-class centre of excellence in cancer care

Living with Cancer

The Living with Cancer Program aims to improve the outcomes of those living with cancer

Prevention and Survival

The aim of this program is to promote strategies aimed at preventing cancer, while also improving survival of cancer patients across the VCCC

Clinical trials

Clinical trials assess the success rate of treatments in humans, access to this research means cancer patients can participate in cutting-edge treatments and contribute to learnings.

Leaders in Cancer Strategy

The Leaders in Cancer Strategy Program aims to recruit and consolidate research leaders of high international standing to the VCCC program

Education and Training

The VCCC Education and Training program aims to create a skilled workforce to combat the increasing cancer burden

Progress & Achievements

Find out more about the VCCC program delivery to date

Molecular Tumour Board

The VCCC Molecular Tumour Board offers expertise opinion of the molecular pathology of patient cases

Research & Education Lead Program

The VCCC Research & Education Program aims to rapidly accelerate improvement in cancer results